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New In The Bakery

Gluten Free and Gluten Friendly Items - Allergen Free Items







Pretzel Twists




Regular chili available everyday. Great with a pretzel stick.

Gluten Free
We now stock Gluten Free products from Brighton's own "No More Belly Aching". We keep these items frozen in a separate freezer so there is no cross contamination.

Gluten Friendly
We are now baking our own Gluten friendly products. These are baked in our bakery using gluten free ingredients, so there may be some cross contamination.

Allergen Free Items
Egg Free
Pumpkin Cookies - Pretzels: Sticks, Twists, Cheese, Ham & Cheese, Pepperoni Mozzarella - Protein Bars

Dairy(Milk) Free
Pretzel Sticks & Twists - Cherry Coconut Cookies - Pumpkin Cookies - Protein Bars
Gluten Free Cakes(unfrosted)

Vegan Items
Pumpkin Cookies - Pretzel Sticks & Twists - Protein Bars

Allergy Warning
This facility has items containing nuts. While we do our best to keep nut and nut-free items separate, some cross contamination may occur. If you have a serious nut allergy, please inform us immediately.

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Cherry Coconut Cookies



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Last updated: 01/19/2017